Compliance Services

We ensure your site is compliant with environmental regulations, including the 2018 UST regulatory changes. Services we provide include:

  • Functionality tests for release detection equipment
  • Tank monitors and calibrations of meters
  • Line Leak Detector and Line Testing
  • Underground Storage Tank (UST) inspections
  • Sump sensors
  • Overfill alarms (auto shut-off device – ball float valve-overfill alarm. Note ball floats that fail an overfill inspection cannot be replaced for any reason after October 13,2018)
  • UST System Walkthrough inspection to be completed by October 13, 2018
  • Monthly check spill buckets and fill pipes (owners/operators can do this as well)
  • Monthly check release detection equipment and record (owners/operators can do this)
  • Containment sumps
  • Release Detection Requirements to be completed by October 13, 2018
  • Emergency power generators must have release detection
  • Primary Release Detection Equipment Functionality Test to be completed by October 13, 2018
  • Automatic tank gauges and probes
  • UST Interstitial monitoring sensors
  • Sump sensors
  • Spill buckets must pass a tightness test ever 3 years OR use a double-walled spill bucket with 30-day interstitial monitoring records in lieu of performing a tightness test
  • Containment sumps used for interstitial monitoring of piping must pass a tightness test every 3 years OR use a double-walled containment sump with 30-day interstitial monitoring records in lieu of a tightness test
  • Overfill devices must be functionally inspected and activate at the required fuel levels in tanks.
  • Turbine sumps must be cleaned every three years.
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General Services

  • Petroleum equipment service and repair
  • Environmental compliance inspection, testing, and repair
  • Petroleum equipment consulting and design
  • Electrical services
  • Fuel remediation
  • Underground Storage Tank (UST) and Above Ground Storage Tank (AST) repair and retrofit, removal, and closure
  • Facility maintenance
  • Environmental inspection and maintenance
  • Warranty service
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Equipment Repair

  • Dedicated staff available 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Mechanical and electronic pumps and dispensers (most major brands)
  • Dispensing control and point-of-sale systems
  • Unattended card and key systems
  • Tank monitoring systems
  • Leak detection systems
  • Fuel delivery vehicles
  • Bulk plants
  • Vehicle lifting systems
  • Lubrication Systems
  • Air compressors
  • Underground Storage Tank retrofit, repair, and testing
  • Above Ground Storage Tank retrofit, repair, and testing
  • Electrical signs
  • Canopy lighting
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Meter Calibration

Inaccurate meters can cause thousands of dollars of lost profit each year, even when the meters are within nationally accepted tolerance. The use of our provers gets your site up and running in half the time it takes using the manual method and ensures the accuracy of your pump meters, so you do not distribute more fuel than your customers pay for.

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We take pride in giving your facility a high-quality installation with backup support after the job is complete, providing you a long-term commitment to keep your site 100% operational.

  • Licensed general and electrical contractors
  • Complete turnkey installations
  • Full-service provider of professional, top-quality installations

We take your job from inception, through design, into installation, training, and service after the sale.

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